earth is our only home!

25 April 2018 from Tunis: 100 million farmers from 46 African countries launch the Farmers' Call to Greening the World.

Earth is our only home. And mankind is on collision course with the natural world. On November 13, 2017, 15,000 scientists from around the world sounded the alarm to humanity about the state of the planet: "We are collectively exploiting the planet in a way that it cannot sustain. The rate of degradation we are inflicting on the biosphere has accelerated since our first appeal in 1992. By refusing and postponing for material or intellectual comfort the necessary transformations, we are sawing off the branch on which we are sitting, condemning ourselves and our descendants to great suffering".


This environmental crisis we are facing did not come about overnight. It was built up over many decades, at the rate of the inertia of our societies to undertake the reforms necessary to protect the ecosystems that sustain us. And even if the last few years have seen the emergence of a real awareness, the development of the human population and the imbalances that it generates are now such that the efforts that have been made to preserve our environment are no longer sufficient to meet the challenges that need to be met.


Today the situation is empirical. la situation est empirique. The worrying trajectory of climate change is having increasingly catastrophic economic, social and environmental repercussions, and Humanity has triggered a mass extinction event, the sixth in 540 million years, so that many forms of life today could be wiped out or at least placed on the road to extinction by the end of this century.


If we want to avoid widespread misery due to a major ecological recession, Humanity must hear the cry of alarm from the world scientific community about the state of the planet: Soon it will be too late to deviate from our failure trajectory, and time is now playing against us. We must realize that the Earth, with all the life on it, is our only home.


We all have to act. Massively. Resolutely. We must absolutely stop the erosion of environmental capital that is taking place and restore the ecosystems that support life. This is a moral imperative for present and future generations, for other life forms and for our own humanity.


It is our duty to call on you to give us massive support. Only together, with you the citizens, with you the members of civil society, with you the economic actors and with you the political decision-makers, can we achieve the regreening of our world.


We're all the farmers of life!

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We are hundred of millions of farmers around the world. Every day, we work the land to feed our families and to ensure food security in our countries. We are an essential link in the development of all societies in the world, and we are also the first to be affected by the economic and social impacts of environmental change.

Our diversity and our daily work at the heart of ecosystems are an unparalleled force on the planet, bringing about profound changes in our production and consumption models. already, some of us have begun to undertake the necessary reforms, implementing innovative solutions and practices. but this is still far from enough in view of the urgency of the environmental situation.

We are mobilizing today to implement a green agricultural and food production. We have 2 majors assets: our numbers and our collective intelligence. Mobilization and innovation are the driving forces behind this. We urgently need to speed up the deployment of innovations and new pratices around the world that will make it possible to build an agriculture that is environmentally friendly, good fot health, profitable and job-creating.